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NEW PRODUCT!! DMS Chicago and California are now stocking the CVPL 100 cycle counter for US sales only at this time.

DMS introduces Metal Rust Guard.
MetalRustGuard is a non-toxic, protective wrap that prevents rust and corrosion on any type of metal. Because MetalRustGuard contains no VOC’s or harsh chemicals in its’ manufacturing, it can be used on the installation of any metal without harm to the user applying it or the environment it is placed in. See the attached brochure for details.

Know Your Options in Injection Machine Nozzles Improvements in nozzle design in recent years overcome some of the limitations of previous filter, mixing, and shut-off nozzles. Purgeable Nozzle Filters now use edge filter technology offering pressure drops significantly lower than possible with traditional screen packs. Furthermore, a “purgeable” feature allows for purging on the barrel between shots in just a few minutes, with no disassembly required. Triple-Action Mixing Nozzles offer a gentle, yet through, mixing technology with relatively little pressure drop. Automatic Shut-Off Nozzles take advantage of high-temperature spring technology to offer a simple, reliable method of automatically shutting off plastic flow.
Visit Plastic Technology website for full details, or contact us today!

DMS introduces a new line of competitively priced M2 pins which are more flexible than traditional H13 pins. The DMS M2 pins are ideally suited for small pin diameter requirements in medical, toy, house ware + electronic industry applications and can eliminate problems caused by pins that have a hardness variance between the case and core. They can be ground and modified without weakening, flaking, or chipping and will not dish when molding with high glass content materials. See the attached brochure for details.

DMS introduces additional items to the HMM Solutions product offering...

SA External Latch Locks
Ideal for molds with floating plates - including stripper plate & 3-plate molds. Positive, precise, positioning of floating plates provides mold designers and molders with confidence that floating plates will be properly positioned throughout the injection molding cycle, no matter how fast the mold is opening and closing.

ES-2 Purgeable Nozzle Filter
An easy to clean, low pressure Nozzle Filter. Filtration size can be customized to your specifications. Large filtration passage ways ensure low pressure losses. ES-2 Purgeable Nozzle Filters can be easily purged clean, while on the injection molding barrel, ensuring maximum uptime and minimal hassle on the molding floor.

NM Automatic Shut-Off Nozzle
Minimizes drool - saving material and service maintenance. Operation of the NM Shut-Off Nozzle is completely automatic. Ensuring that melt flow is shut off as soon as injection pressure drops, and then opens again as soon as injection pressure builds – automatically.

MF-200 Double-Action Mixing Nozzle
Double-Action Mixing rotates the melt onto itself - twice - in opposing rotational directions, to ensure that the melt is gently, yet throughly mixed. Additionally, low pressure filtration keeps contaminate out of the nozzle tips, gates, and molded product.

WSF inMold Melt Filter & Sleeve
Ideal for applications using regrind. Minimizes downtime, while protecting nozzle tips and gates from in melt contaminate.

DMS introduces...The "HMMSolutions BZ Hydraulic Locking Cylinder".
This product is ideal for injection and die cast molds with side actions, slides or core pulls. Numerous benefits include design and machining time savings.
It also eliminates angle pins, heel blocks, slide retainers and other related components which reduces assembly , maintenance time and procedures. In many circumstances smaller than normal mold bases may be used further reducing material costs while the mold may be run on a smaller than normal press which reduces the molding costs.
Prompt, experienced, quality technical support is available. Please check here to view the brochure, presentation and video animantion.

DMS introduces the TPS range of SIDE GATING inserts from I-Mold®
These straight standard sub-gates for side-gating offer an intergrated dead-end recess which reduces loss of pressure and shear stress. The TPS range is highly wear resistant M2 steel(1.3343) and is hardened to 54Hrc +/-2. See the attached brochure for details.

DMS would like to announce that the REDEVAULT™ has recently created some additional benefits and features. Click here to read more.

New platenGUARD™ standard size locating rings are now available from DMS. These innovative locating rings have numerous benefits and advantages compared to traditional locating rings but the primary benefit is that they protect the platen even when molds are difficult to balance. This will ensure that the machine platen will not be damaged from impact during mold setting.
Please review our online information for all features and sizes available. Click here for our brochure.

Please view these video links to see more information regard Platenguard.
PlatenGUARD info
PlatenGUARD high visibility inserts with audio
PlatenGUARD with insulator sheet

DMS is re-introducing the recently re-engineered and re-designed hot runner product line Heatlock. Heatlock is a Sweedish originated hot runner company that is now globally engineered , manufactured and distributed.
Heatlock provides value minded customers quality produced hot runner products at economical prices. Heatlock products and technical support are available for new tooling programs but Heatlock can also be used as replacement product for tooling engineering changes or during maintenance procedures.
Please visit and you can see our new Imperial "Hotline" range of components on the attached PDF.

DMS would like to welcome Paul Hurley to the DMS sales team. Paul joins DMS with vast industry experience and extensive product knowledge. Paul will be responsible for customer sales & service of the expanding range of DMS products in New England, New York, New Jersey, and other areas of the northeast USA.

DMS is now a stocking distributor of Slide Products a manufacturer of lubricants and maintenance items for the tool making and plastics processing industries.
To view the range of solutions available visit or click this link to view the catalog.

DMS would like to announce that we now stock a new modular designed water manifold system called KoolFlow. The Koolflow Flex Block Technology features combine for superior design applications and a quick "assembled to order" delivery. This quality US made product has assembly configuration information as well as CAD file support.
Visit or click here for DMS brochure.

DMS would like to welcome Julie Dyer to the DMS sales team. Julie joins DMS with vast industry experience and extensive product knowledge. Julie will be responsible for customer sales & service of the expanding range of DMS products in most Southwestern and Western US states.

DMS North America is pleased to announce the opening of DMS ASIA.
DMS North America with head offices, distribution and assembly operations in Oldcastle, Ontario; as well as Taunton, Massachusetts; Schaumburg, Illinois and Fountain Valley, California; have added DMS ASIA to our group of companies.
The new venture has opened offices in Hong Kong with initial warehouse distribution in Dongguan, Guangdong, PRC.
read full news release

DMS (North America) is a wholly North American owned corporation, which licenses manufacturing & distribution of precision standardized components and ancillary products for use in the injection molding and die casting industries. Established for over 40 years the company employs staff at three locations in North America. The locations are Windsor (Ontario/Canada), Fountain Valley (California), Schaumburg (Illinois), and Taunton (Massachusetts). read more about DMS

New Products

DMS is pleased to re-introduce Swedish Hot Runner solution provider Heatlock to the North American market. Heatlock produces + provides a ceramic insulated system that is designed for longevity, low maintenance,easy service at a value price point.

DMS now supplies a previously exclusive patented slide latch product which holds a slide in its outward position which is made of high strength steel alloy. It is available in 3 sizes SLK 8HH (8 lbs) SLK 25HH(25 lbs) and SLK 50HH (50 lbs) and can be ganged for greater holding forces. Each slide latch includes a holder, plunger, spring, latch, and socket head cap screws. It can also be used in stamping dies as a high reliability stock lifter or stock plunger. See attached for more info.

DMS Collapsible Core: A Traditional Product Line With An Innovative Twist. Collapsible Core from Illinois produces a superior engineered & quality manufactured collapsible core product line at value pricing levels. They provide very strong technical service throughout the duration of the project as well as after the sale support. See attached for more info.

DMS' new Sintered Vents are composed of several straight and uniform pores made through a unique process to allow air or gas that gets trapped inside the mold cavity during the injection or die casting process to escape freely. To optimize mold design and reduce the possibility of manufacturing defective parts, specify strategically placed insertion points to hold the vents. See attached for further details.

New DMS ejector sleeve extensions eliminate the lengthy delivery time + high cost of specials when longer than standard length sleeves are required. See attached for more info.

DMS Hose Hangers greatly reduce mold set up and part removal interference while providing a more organized and professional mold appearance. See attached for more info.

News & Dates

DMS has added to the already extensive range of leader pins. In addition to the standard lengths, we now have in stock, 1" x 24, 1-1/4" x 24, 1-1/2 x 36, 2" x 36, 2-1/2 x 36 & 3" x 36. These pins are all made to DMS standard specifications but the extra length gives the toolmaker an option rather than making specials for larger tools such as stack molds. The toolmaker can buy the off the shelf length and cut to length himself, or DMS can arrange for the custom cut to length for a nominal charge. Click here for more info.

DMS introduces a new range of precision Core Pin Retainers. Click here for more info.

DMS introduces a range of Knockout Rod Extensions. Click here for more info.

DMS is pleased to introduce full color, high resolution mold plaques in conjunction with ICS Laser Technologies to the North American plastics and tooling market. Click here to see the literature.

DMS Introduces Mini Tunnel Gate Inserts. Read more

DMS introduces its new range of Sprue Adjusters (runner shutoffs). Read more

DMS is pleased to announce we are now representing Trademark Oil a leading source to the Aerospace, Automotive, Steel, and Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) sectors. Read more

DMS introduces Angle Pins With Radiused Heads. Read more

DMS introduces Ball Guided Ejector Bushings Bolexp® Inch Series. Read more

ITC Temperature Controls now available from DMS. Read more

DMS introduces its "Economy" series of date inserts and Recycle Inserts. These inserts along with the "Cumsa" range of inserts already carried, allow DMS to have one of the broadest ranges of inserts in the market. The economy series are interchangeable with other manufacturers' inserts in the market.

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